sphereneMAKE is a web-based software, infilling your pre-designed 3D model with the unique ADMS structure. sphereneMAKE supports your 3D model from the inside using minimal material while still maintaining enough strength.

sphereneMAKE offers a solution for makers and 3D printing enthusiasts that tackles one of the main problems in FDM and SLA 3D printing, the connection of overhanging surfaces.

sphereneMAKE's goal is, making infilling a click of a button, trustable results without iterations to check if your infill has enough resolution to hit internal overhangs. All this while using minimal material and keeping the integrity of the model's strength.

sphereneMAKE alpha testing
Registration for the first 100 alpha testers is open now. During one month of testing you can experience our upcoming first product with your own designs.

If you are a maker or 3D printing enthusiast, willing to play with our bleeding edge tool, and share your thoughts with us, you came to the right place.

Share your thoughts of our solution and help make Autonomous Design Technology accessible in 3D printing. For the beta testing, we'll expand the circle of testers, so watch for news here.

Upload your model. Receive it infilled, ready to print.
sphereneMAKE automatically generates an ADMS-based internal structure, ensuring a fine-walled, printable model with all internal overhangs supported, stable walls and tops, directly ready for printing.

The results will output a mesh with 0.4mm wall thickness for the infill and 1.2mm wall thickness for the outer wall. These results can be printed on FDM 3D printers with 0.4mm nozzles and also with any other printing method like SLA, SLS, SLM. If your model has outer overhangs, use your slicer of choice for those outer support structures.

The generated sphereneMAKE mesh has infill inside, don't forget to turn off infill generation or set infill to 0% in your slicer.

Community, feedback and support
For feedback and support of sphereneMAKE, join the sphereneMAKE community on discord. Directly interact with us and fellow alpha testers, exchange your builds with other people from all over the world.

You can use this link to access our discord channel:

Discord invitation
Supported File formats OBJ
3D file output OBJ
Maximum model dimensions Maximum Volume: 8000 cm3
Maximum dimension size: 100 cm
Maximum upload file size 72MB
Maximum upload polygon count 1 Million

Current known limitations

Validation of uploaded 3D meshes not yet refined

sphereneMAKE does not repair your uploaded meshes automatically.

We found that even with bad mesh topology our algorithm is able to still generate a working ADMS most of the time. We are still in the process of evaluating what validations (Watertightness for example) are mandatory to have ADMS generated, for the moment we decided that we will provide you with our validation result as it is, and still try to generate an infill.

This way, you still receive a result if ADMS infill can be generated, even with a bad provided mesh. If it does not look good to print you receive a report about what mesh validations were detected so that you can correct the input mesh and resend to sphereneMAKE.